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How to Find 3GPP Specifications Change Requests (CRs)

Change History in Specification Document

Each specification document has annex which records all change histories. You can see the approved CRs.

Change Requests from 3GPP Portal

3GPP Portal and CR page provides CR search service. Not only the approved CRs, you can check potential changes to be made in the future.

  • Specification number: Search CRs only for specified specification(s)
  • Target Release: Search CRs applied only to specified release(s)
  • WG Status: Search CRs by how they have been treated in WG (RAN1, RAN2, RAN3, …) meeting
    Keep an eye on agreed, endorsed and approved CRs.
  • TSG Status: Search CRs by how they have been treated in TSG (RAN Plenary, SA Plenary, …) meeting
  • Meeting: Search CRs treated only in specified meeting(s)
  • Work Item: Search CRs produced by only from specified work item(s), e.g. FS_NR_IAB


3GPP manages every meeting and documents treated in it on FTP. You can access it via web. FTP directory is well structured. Via FTP you can access not only CRs but detailed discussion on what 3GPP currently is studying and working on.