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How to Install TinyOS and app on TelosB (in 2017!)

Installing TinyOS

This (archive) and this (archive) articles shows the best instructions to install TinyOS. One thing I want to comment to this is, use both squeeze and wheezy repository, i.e., /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tinyprod‐debian.list should seem like:

deb wheezy main
deb squeeze main
deb msp430-46 main

Then the other instructions are all OK.

Installing TinyOS app

# Compile an app
make telosb
# Write an app on TelosB
make telosb install
# If the above writing fails, try specifying USB device
make telosb install bsl,/dev/ttyUSB1

Fix for tos-bsl

The recent pySerial removes a certain API, so locate and open tos-bsl and replace self.serialport.setBaudrate(baudrate) with self.serialport.baudrate = baudrate