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How to Keep Up with the latest 3GPP Discussions

All 3GPP discussions are archived in ETSI LISTSERV. There are a number of lists as 3GPP Technical Specification Groups (TSGs) and Working Groups (WGs) have their own rolls and responsibilities. For example, radio access network (RAN) includes lits, RAN, RAN DRAFTS, RAN1, RAN1 NR, RAN2, RAN3 and RAN4. There are other RAN-related lists also exist, but these are lists you may want to focus on.

On the other hand, keeping up with the lastet discussion via suc a web interface makes you feel inconvenient. Lists maintain discussions per week basis and it is difficult to follow up discussions seamlessly. Fortunately, LISTSERV lets you get notified via an Email. After you access a list you are interested in, you can subscribe the list by clicking subscribe and providing your Email addres you want to use.

Another way is that, LISTSERV provides Atom and RSS feeds and you can find a link for it at the bottom of each list page. You can subscribe a feed using an RSS reader such as Feedly or FreshRSS.

And some discussions refer liaisons (LSs), change requests (CRs) and drafts uploaded in somewhere. You may find the corresponding materials in FTP or FTP via web.

You should note that these methods allow you to only keep up with new incoming discussions. You need to find the past discussions via the LISTSERV web interface.